Our projects are meant either for visually impaired individuals or for organizations, companies or institutions working for the good of visually impaired people.

Research and development

Our main activities include research and development in the areas of accessibility, assistive technologies and generally information technologies and related domains. Our work also includes public dissemination of the results of our development or the results of development of other research and knowledge-dissemination organizations by way of teaching, publication or knowledge transfer.

BRAILCOM is part of the Accessibility Expert group.

BRAILCOM currently focuses on research and development in the area of assistive technologies, especially literature digitization and presentation. There are projects such as Digital Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired Biblio or Reading Application for Daily Newspapers and Magazines for the Blind and Visually Impaired Camelot.

Apart from the main activities, we still maintain websites and presentations of the previous projects, especially Digital Language Textbooks and Textbooks for Visually Impaired Pupils.

Finished projects

Support center for visually impaired pupils

This project was meant for blind and visually impaired pupils, their parents, assistants and also teachers at elementary and high schools. They were familiarized with computer assistive aids and taught for free how to use them to access and process information.

In the center we carried out analyses and trainings for blind and severely visually impaired pupils, their assistants and special education teachers. This always took 2+4 days. At the beginning of the introductory analysis, we defined a study plan. Based on that, the second part involved an intense training during which we tried to help the clients greatly improve their skills in using special screen readers and screen magnifiers but also in using their assistive aids for useful purposes, such as office software, e-mail, and the internet. The clients were provided with a general knowledge in the broad area of modern assistive technologies. They were also taught to use special educational software for blind and visually impaired pupils.

The project (reg. No. CZ.1.07/1.2.00/14.0111) was co-funded by the European Social Fund and from the budget of the Czech Republic.



This project brings the new opportunities of using the digital signature for communication with state offices into the practice. This is a great step towards independence of blind people.



The project Free Software for blind and severely visually impaired brings completely new opportunities in the field of making computers accessible to visually impaired users.



The English name would be "The Newsstand". This project gave visually impaired people a chance to read daily newspaper and magazines through Internet from our server.



The goal of this international project is to decrease the unemployment rate of blind and low-vision people by improving their qualification. We develop an E-learning application to deliver courses of English and German language to blind people in several European countries through Internet.



Internet for the blind and sorely visually impaired. The project includes support for individuals, organizations and institutions. We believe that Internet is an outstanding opportunity to compensate the loss of vision.